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Rural High Speed Internet Packages


Home Casual: Rural Broadband Internet Package

Light Browsing - Free up the phone line with a good alternative to dialup internet. With this package you will be able to browse the internet including email. This package does not have high enough speeds to use VOIP, Netflix, and will be good for low quality YouTube videos.


Home Basic: Rural Broadband Internet Package

Medium Browsing & Email - A large step up from Dialup offering fair speeds that will allow for the viewing of higher quality YouTube videos. VOIP is limited and Netflix will not work with this package.


Home Standard: Rural Broadband Internet Package

Medium Browsing and Downloading - On the higher end of average speeds this package has a higher bit cap allowing you to have more downloading capabilities and the ability to stream audio. Competitive online gaming will push the limits of this package, VOIP and Netflix are limited.


Home Ultra: Rural Broadband Internet Package

Netflix & Gaming - Designed to deliver very high performance, a very high bit cap and faster than average speed. This package will deliver an above average competitive online gaming experience, great download capabilities and the ability to watch high definition Netflix. There are few limitations with this package.


Home Entertainment: Rural Broadband Internet Package

Maximum Downloading & Entertainment - Experience our fastest speeds, highest bit cap and overall best performance. This package has few limitations and is designed to deliver the ultimate internet experience for the power user. Take advantage of all that the web has to offer – Overall, this is our best value for your money!




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